When Should You Refinish Or Replace Your Bathtub?

If you have noticed that you have cracks in your bathtub, or perhaps unsightly stains, you may want to consider replacing it or repairing it. In most cases, you have to decide between refinishing the bathtub that you have or getting something that is brand-new. Either of these options are a good idea when you are remodeling your bathroom and wanted to look its best.

Regardless of whether your bathtub needs to be completely overhauled or not, here are some of the best things to consider when deciding on refinishing or replacing your bathtub.

An Overview Of Bathtub Refinishing

This process can have both positive and negative attributes, but you must first understand what this represents. When you do refinish a bathtub, it is a type of repair that involves sending and putting a new coat of material on the top itself. It is a strategy that you can use to refinish your tub so that it cosmetically looks great from the outside.

Understanding The Condition Of Your Tub

The best way to begin is to consider how bad your tub is when choosing between replacement and refinishing options. If you decide to refinish your tub, this will certainly be much more affordable than replacing one, yet it may not fix the problem.

You may notice that there are holes or cracks that refinishing cannot resolve. However, if it is in good condition, and there is just a discoloration problem, or even light scratches or chips in the material, tub refinishing would be the most optimal choice. It’s a great way to change the color of your tub, something that is very helpful when you are doing a complete remodel.

Deciding On The Right Tub For You

deciding on the best bathtub requires you to consider the material that it is made of and other factors. For example, you may want to get one that is made of stainless steel, or even cast iron, and these are also materials that are perfect for refinishing, while cheaper tubs that are more modern may not do as well during the refinishing process. You should also do a cost comparison on the different tubs that are out there. If you want to, you can also compare the price of a new tub and how much refinishing will cost.

If you are working with expensive or antique tubs, refinishing is the best approach. There are modern bathtubs that are made from fiberglass that are not as easy to work with.

Is It Very Difficult To Replace Your Bathtub?

Let’s say that you have a cast-iron clawfoot bathtub that can weigh up to 400 pounds. You need to know if you can get that into the house. This can be problematic if you have stairs, or you may need to remove or replace different areas to make it fit. Light weight tubs are different in these calculations, but you must also consider how much labor it will require. Look at your doorways and decide whether or not it will fit through them. You may have to make your doorway larger or simply deconstruct the tub in order to get it to its soon to be permanent location.

What Goals Do You Have?

The goals that you have for things that you want to accomplish. If you have a goal of doing a full remodel of your bathroom, as well as changing the shape for appearance of your bathtub, refinishing is something that you may want to avoid. However, if you are just doing minor repairs, this will be the best choice because you can change the color and the finish on the tub for a very low cost.

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