Weekend Home Improvement Projects

If you have a few extra days off on your hands that leave you indoors without much to do, why now occupy yourself and make your home a bit more comfortable. With these small improvements you’ll brighten up everyone’s life and they’ll even be more excited to do daily tasks.

Kitchen Fixes

If you didn’t already know, the kitchen is the most used room in your home and they’re the prime spot for some updates. If you’ve got those splattered window treatments above your sink, you can easily read up on how you can make your very own roman shades. This can be found on dummes.com.

Additionally, you can even have your countertops and sinks refinished in just a matter of days. So if you’re interested in learning these skills yourself, don’t forget to look at online resources. Regular old switch plates and outlet covers can easily be switched out for those neat wooden or metal ones. This quick and easy upgrade will leave your home looking like it’s worth a million dollars in no time.

Don’t forget, you can also spruce up those kitchen cabinets with some wire racks that will hold just about anything.

Clear Your Entryway

By now, we’re pretty sure that your entryway is probably packed with your family’s stuff. Just about anything can be found here including winter gear which almost makes it impossible to get through the door. All you’ll need to do is clear them and you’ll soon be on your way to clear, clutter-free space.

Don’t forget to paint the front door. There’s no easier way to improve your home and add some more appeal. Painting your door will easily change the entire look of your home and it can even increase the value of your home.

You can also make a special tray for those wet boots. This is easily done by filling an old pan with some stones that you may find in your backyard. If your home has a hall closet, you can better use it by making an improvement to your home. If you remove the doors and add shelves and hooks, you can easily clear the entryway of coats, backpacks, hats, gloves, and just about everything else.

If your entryway has enough space, you can easily repurpose a dresser from a flea market for some extra storage. It can even be painted to match your decor.

Brighten Your Bath

One of the easiest improvements is re-caulking the shower or tub. This protects your investment and it also makes the entire room feel revived. If your tub area is worn and dull than it can be refinished. If you didn’t already know, most tubs can be refinished and ready for same-day use.

Robe hooks and towel bars can be added near the shower and tub to make it less damp in your bathroom. If you’re still looking to spruce the area up, you can even add a new shiny shower head. Big rain-styled heads are becoming more popular each day and they’re a great addition to any bathroom at a good price. They also use less water so you’ll also save some extra on the bills.

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