Vintage Bathroom Fixtures

Do you want to install the Vintage Bathroom Fixtures in your home, but are bothered the way these look? Worry no more!

The area where we live is loaded with many homes, beautifully designed with original vintage fixtures. But most of those look weird and old. Yes, no matter how powerful cleaning chemicals we use to scrub, you literally can’t get fixtures shiny as you want.

So is there any effective way to restore vintage bathrooms?

The only best way is to get your current fixtures to replace with the new replicas. But the disadvantage is its cost. Yes, the cost involved can make you think twice. This option is more expensive. According to the HOUZZ report, a basic bathroom could cost around $12,000, while a single cast iron claw tub could cost around $3,000. So you can better imagine the pricing of the full vintage refurbishment!

Can you afford it? If yes, then that’s great! But remember, you would be forced to live without your bathroom for almost a week because the remodelers will tear out functional vintage fixtures and build the new ones.

 Other ways to remodeling your bathroom

Do you want to refurbish your old looking bathroom? Not a problem; you can turn your vintage bathroom to a beautifully designed one. We are located right in the Phoenix area and have great creative skills of restoring that amazing looking antique sink and bathtub, making as newly installed ones.

Impact on the environment

Phoenix experiences frequent weather changes, and so families always remain concerned about the environmental impact of what they have decided. Our company works with Mend A Bath to get the best services, contain an environmentally-safe coating system for bathtubs, sinks, and countertops.

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No problem; the best solution is to consult with a local professional company. We offer top-quality bathroom remodeling services at the most affordable rates. Get in touch with us, and learn more about how we work.

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