Useful Facts About Sink Refinishing

Do you have sink with a dingy, aged appearance? Maybe your sink is an older model, and its color is hopelesly out of style. Perhaps the sink in your house is marked by scratches, chips, rust stains, and other flaws. If the look of your sink is something with which you are dissatisfied, we have the ability to help. Our team has the know-how to get your sink looking beautiful once more through the process of reglazing.

Refinish Your Sink To Achieve Cost-Effective Remodeling

When you are attempting to do a kitchen or bathroom remodel on a budget, a sink refinishing process can be a wonderful alternative to purchasing new items. Resurfacing your sink rather than fully replacing it regularly produces savings of more than 50%. In addition, the process helps alleviate a number of other inconveniences. It lets you avoid the need to re-design vanties and countertops, there is no need to re-route interior plumbing, and you won’t have to worry about disposing of the old sink once it is removed.

What Sinks Are Eligible For Refinishing?

Our team can refinish virtually any kind of bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room sink, and we can also take care of the vanity and countertop that surrounds it. We can tackle sinks that are porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, metal, tile, plastic, and more. If you are curious about whether we can handle your sink and surrounding vanity surfaces, contact us at 704-807-9764, and we will walk you through the process and decide if refinishing might just be for you.

Aiding Sustainability

Dumping an old sink in a local landfill is an unfortunate decision to make, especially if the sink in question still has lots of life left in it. As such, sink refinishing is an economical and environmentally sound option. By choosing to refinish a sink instead of discarding it for a new model, you can get upwards of 15 more years out of it, and perhaps longer than that if you take care of it according to our suggestions.

Refinishing For Kitchens

Nowadays, everyone seems to have their eye on vintage-look kitchen sinks. If your kitchen contains one already, perhaps you simply want to refinish it to save some additional money to use elsewhere in the remodel.

If you own a farmhouse sink that has a great design to it, but has been in heavy use for years, it may be that staining and chipping has become problematic. The shape of these sinks is highly desirable, and new models go for a lot of money. Therefore, it is much smarter financially to refinish the sink you already have instead of pulling it out, hauling it away, and putting a new product in its place. In such scenarios, refinishing makes a great deal of sense.

For those hoping to do some minor-to-moderate remodeling in advance of putting a home on the market for sale, sink refinishing can pay big dividends for a comparatively small investment. Buyers these days tend to look for properties that are move-in perfect, and most of them expect to pay more for that convenience. As such, spending some money to make an aging sink look like new can be a savvy way to boost overall profits when it comes time to sell.

Refinishing For Bathrooms

When a bathroom sink begins to show some cosmetic wear and tear, refinishing can prove to be the ideal solution. This is also a great choice when a sink is in good shape, but is rendered in an outdated color or pattern. Opting for a refinishing job can bring an otherwise solid — yet unsightly — sink back to life for years to come.

Resurfacing For Bathroom Vanities

Trends in bathroom tile can be fleeting indeed. If your bathroom features a tired vanity that has seen better days, think about the possibility of refinishing the surface. We provide a range of color and finish options to suit any design style. Tile vanities are not the only candidates for this type of resurfacing, either. Our team is able to refinish a broad array of existing bathroom vanity surfaces to bring a fresh, trendy perspective to any home.

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