Tips To Streamline Spring Cleaning

Now that Spring has arrived, the urge to clean becomes overwhelming.

The month of March is the best time to start clearing the cobwebs in anticipation of opening the house to warmer weather. Washing windows and cleaning upholstery and carpets introduces freshness and light into a home. However, cleaning chores shouldn’t drag on endlessly and prevent you from enjoying the warmer weather. Here are a few tips to expedite the process.

General Tips To Race Through Spring Cleaning

Washing machines tend to get forgotten. To freshen them and quickly remove buildup grime and grease, wipe the machine down with vinegar and water and do a quick rinse.

Caked on dust and dirt on the coils of a refrigerator reduce its efficiency. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove build-up followed with a quick wipe down to keep it running in tip-top condition.

Sinks made from stainless steel looked old and worn out when rust and dirt build-up Use the video here to quickly refresh it. A refinish might be needed for cast iron or porcelain sinks. Look at the sink refinishing page found here and try Phoenix Bathtub Refinishing.

Slow running drains are a problem in more ways than one. Learn how to keep them flowing without using harsh chemicals that can damage the environment. Drains can be quickly cleaning using this Zip-It device in a green way without chemicals.

Spring Cleaning The Bathroom

Why not print out this Spring Cleaning Bathroom Checklist to get through the job more efficiently? It contains a list of to-dos complete with everything needed to get the job done.

The exhaust fan in the bathroom does a big job. Be sure to clean both the mechanism and the grate.

Go through bathroom drawers and baskets in the spring and remove any items that don’t belong there. Put them away to ensure that they are where you want them when needed. Also, toss old care products and do a quick reorganization.

If prescription and over-the-counter drugs are stored in your bathroom, take time to check for expiration dates. Out-dated products should be disposed of in accordance with the rules of your State.

After cleaning, if the bathroom doesn’t shine, don’t worry. We can come in and make it look brand new in a single day. Give us a call.

Spring cleaning can seem overwhelming, but it rejuvenates the home. To restore the shine to countertops, sinks, showers, and bathtubs, give Phoenix Bathtub Refinishing a call.

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