Refinishing Your Bathroom Is a Great Way to Sell Your Home for More

Have you considered selling your home in Phoenix, AZ? If so, you should be aware that remodeling your bathrooms could cause your homes to sell for a higher price. Just a few extra touches, such as refinishing your tile and bathtub and repairing chips and cracks, can make an old bathroom look like new again.

If you want to increase the total value of your home, it is smart to focus on your kitchen and bathrooms. Of course, a full-scale renovation project can be prohibitively expensive.

Thankfully, there’s a more affordable alternative available to you. You can opt to refinish your bathrooms. It’s possible to refinish the sinks, counters, tiles, and bathtub in your current bathroom with our help.

Refinishing is the Most Affordable Way to Upgrade Your Bathrooms

When buyers are evaluating a home, the condition the bathrooms are in can have a big impact. They can be an excellent indicator of a property’s overall condition. Bathrooms are frequently used, and they are something people often forget about when they’re making repairs or taking care of basic home upkeep. If a bathroom is in bad shape, it can suggest that a property hasn’t been getting the level of maintenance that it needs.

There are many small-scale bathroom repairs people put off, such as repairing cracks or chips in a bathtub. These things can scare off a would-be buyer.

Realtors often tell sellers that one of the best ways to increase a home’s value before listing it is to upgrade the bathrooms. When you consider it, it’s easy to understand why. Generally speaking, people don’t want to have to move into a property that needs its bathrooms renovated. Along the same lines, people would rather not live in a property where the bathrooms are in poor condition.

According to data from Remodeling Magazine, a complete bathroom renovation can cost anywhere from $18,000 to $57,000. However, sellers are able to recover most of these expenses when a home is sold. Furthermore, the home is more likely to find a buyer quickly.

The high costs of a bathroom renovation may be the reason you haven’t made these sorts of repairs. A more affordable option is to take advantage of the skills of our experienced and certified technicians.

Our specialty is bathtub reglazing and refinishing, tile refinishing, and repairing cracks and chips in a bathroom. Our business is family-owned, and we have plenty of experience improving kitchens and bathrooms without a full-scale renovation project.

How to Enhance Your Bathroom Without a Renovation

Bathroom renovations can cost a fortune. Thankfully, there are lots of ways you can make your bathroom more functional and better-looking without making these kinds of investments.

Our refinishing experts are able to:

  • Reglaze tiles in the shower and bathtub
  • Repair any chips or cracks in your bathroom
  • Refinish your tiles
  • Refinish the top of your vanity
  • Refinish or repair counters
  • Refinish cabinets

The odds are that your bathroom already has functional cabinets, counters, and fixtures. This is why you shouldn’t have to waste money tearing all of these things out and replacing them.

With that said, counters, tiles, bathtubs and sinks may not look as nice if they have been used for many years. Thankfully, refinishing and reglazing is a great way to resolve these kinds of problems.

Thanks to the cutting-edge materials we use, we can make bathroom and kitchen surfaces and flooring look like they are brand new. While it takes a lot of skill and expertise to do this, that’s something that our technicians have in spades.

We’ll prep all of the surfaces in your space so that all of the compounds being applied will adhere without any issue. We will also take steps to protect the rest of your bathroom during this process.

When we’re ready, we’ll use our state-of-the-art spray equipment to apply the glazing compounds. Because of the technique, your bathroom will wind up looking like it’s been fully renovated.

Refinishing your bathroom is a great way to get the look you want without having to spend a fortune. Even better, refinishing your bathroom and repairing cracks and chips doesn’t take as much time as remodeling does. This will make things easier for everyone in your household.

If you’ve been considering selling your home, or if your bathroom is just due for an upgrade, reach out to our Phoenix, Arizona reglazing and resurfacing specialists. We’d be glad to offer you a free estimate and tell you more about how we can improve your kitchen, bathrooms, and tile flooring.

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