New Home Renovations For The New Year

The beginning of the New Year is the ideal time to focus on those aspects of our lives that need to be improved. Did renovating your house make it onto your list of New Year’s resolutions? Are you prepared to finally provide your home with the attention that it needs so that it looks and feels new once again? It is necessary to perform renovations to various areas of your house so that your home is kept current and over the long run adds value to it. Most important of all, they help to spruce your living areas up without having to break your budget.

The following are the top areas of your house to renovate during the new year:


If you are considering renovating your house, the ideal place to begin is with refinishing your bathtub.

Although it is fairly small, the bathtub is one of the easiest things to renovate in your house that will still make a major impact. Your bathtub can negatively or positively change your bathroom’s appearance. It can be cleaned daily or weekly but after a couple of years, time tends to make things appear worn out. Refinishing the bathtub can help to get rid of stubborn stains that will not come off, as well as chips, cracks, rust, and faded color. Whether you have a porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, or marble bathtub, you can refinish it! It is a simple process in contrast to having to totally replace your bathtub. Instead, the surrounding areas are left in place and masked off. The best news of all is that refinishing your bathtub is the most affordable option and takes just one day to finish.

Shower Tile

While we are still talking about the bathroom, let’s discuss shower tile. It can be refinished as well! Shower tile is continuously exposed to moisture, and that will ultimately result in a build-up that is hard to clean, and over time causes permanent stains. Refinishing the shower is an affordable and quick alternative to making your bathroom look and feel new once again. You can do this to practically any type of tile surface. This process involves stripping the shower tile, making repairs to any imperfections it has, applying protective coating layers, and then buffing it to produce a high beautiful sheen. Your final results will be long-lasting and impressive!


Your cabinets are another good area of your house to refinish or renovate. Cabinets are the main focus of any bathroom or kitchen. Unfortunately, like many other aspects of life, over time they begin to lose their luster. It can be a tedious and expensive project to replace cabinets. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money buying new cabinets when your current ones are still working fine. You can just do a simple refinishing job on them to have your kitchen and bathroom looking new once again! You can refinish any kind of cabinet, and it is a simple process the produces incredible results!


The kitchen gets the most traffic in a home every day. Countertops are one of the essential components of all kitchens. They are used constantly for preparing food, which over time can leave them damaged. If your kitchen countertops are lifeless and dull with an uninviting appearance, the ideal solution is to refinish them. The process is cost-effective and quick and you can do it to nearly any type of counter surface. Not only will your refinishing job make your countertops sparkling and bright once again, but it will also provide you with the option of selecting from more than 20 new textures and colors, to completely update your countertops’ style and look.


Your flooring is the very first thing that your guests see when they enter your house. It can bring a room together and provide character to the living area. Although many people are aware of wood refinishing, not too many people are familiar with what refinishing can do to their tile floors. It doesn’t matter whether you have stone, ceramic, or porcelain tile, refinishing them can make your floors look brand new! Like all other types of refinishing projects, refinishing floors is a lot more time-efficient and less expensive than a total replacement.

Whether you decide to renovate all or one of the areas in our above list, you will be glad you did. When you choose to refinish instead of replacing, it will save you a lot of money and time that you can spend somewhere else. This New Year, make the decision to live in a house that you are truly proud of. Take good care of it by providing it with the attention that it desperately needs!

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