Get Past Winter Doldrums With The Right Home Improvement Ideas

When the holidays are over, MLK day is maybe the one holiday you get until it is spring. Nights are long right now, with short days in between leaving in lots of darkness. Naturally, you want to literally lighten up the weeks ahead by brightening your home a bit. Using the right home improvement ideas can help you move through these winter doldrums.

Brighten Up Your Bathroom

This room is probably a common first sight every most morning. If you’d like to get your day started off an a high note, then a bright, shining bathroom is a great move.

If your shower or bathtub is worn down or just out-of-date, then a simple refinish can make a world of difference. When your shower or tub is glistening white, the entire bathroom has a more uplifting and lighter atmosphere. Besides, when your bath is more inviting, you’re more likely to enjoy a long, warm soak perfect for this time of the year. Call us for your free estimate. You’ll be shocked by how affordable we can make bathtub refinishing be! Even better, most bathtubs can still be used the very same day that we refinish them.

Another good idea is just adding several candles to your most-used bathroom. Good candles mean a glowing warmth that ramps up the coziness. Even if you don’t want to use open flames because of kids or pets, you can get LED-version models that look almost like the genuine article.

Let In The Sun

On the days where there is sunlight, it might be for just a few short hours. Still, you can benefit from this, even in the middle of winter.

When there is daylight out, open your window treatments. Not only are you going to brighten up your home, but you’ll also warm your home some at the same time. Think of the savings off of your heating bill!

More than likely, you rarely or never even open up your windows during the winter, so why not take off the screens? You’d be shocked just how much more of the light is going to come in.

Think about putting a mirror in a position opposite of your brightest window. This should reflect any bright light back into the entire room.

Kitchen Refinishing

Of course, your kitchen is where you store, prepare, and possibly even eat food and beverage for refreshments, but your kitchen could also use some updating of its own. For many households, the kitchen is social center of the entire home. Families who get to enjoy updated kitchens with a lighter vibe enjoy better mood all around the year.

Bright countertops and sinks make a huge difference. Let us refinish your countertop or sink in just several days. Visit our website to learn more about the refinishing services we have for your kitchen.

If you can, replace your older incandescent light bulbs with the newer, cooler white LEDs. Aim for bulbs that have a light rating around 4000K. Lights that are rated cooler than this might be a tad too stark for your comfort at home.

Just trying several of these tips can bring spring into your home faster than ever!

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