With advances in technology, many homes have fiberglass bathtubs which are more inexpensive, light weight and durable compared to the porcelain coated cast iron or steel bathtubs which were used earlier. While the fiberglass bathtub will usually last for many years, there is a possibility that it may develop a crack or hole, if something heavy has fallen on it or due to impact with a hard object. Since replacing the bathtub is expensive, time consuming and inconvenient, home owners would like to find out if they can do the Fiberglass Bathtub Repair themselves or they have to hire professional repair persons to do so.

Like most other repairs, the preferred repair method depends to a large extent on the damage to the bathtub. The user should first examine the bathtub closely for the damage which is causing leakage of water. In some case there may be one or more cracks in the fiberglass, while in other cases, there may be a hole in the fiberglass. Usually if the crack or hole size is less than 1 cm in diameter, it is possible for the home owner to repair the fiberglass himself using a kit from the local hardware store or other easily available materials. In case, the hole is larger in size, it may be difficult for a home owner with limited repair skills to repair the hole, and it is better to hire the services of a professional.

For a smaller crack or hole, it is first advisable to clean the hole properly. This ensure that the damage is clearly visible and also the repair material applied will adhere properly to the surface. The materials required for repairing are a fiberglass repair kit with polyester/epoxy resin in paste form, hardener, sandpaper, and protective gloves. For holes of larger size fiberglass cloth may also be required. Protective glasses and face mask are also recommended. The sandpaper will be used to clean the area around the hole in the bathtub , so that the paste can be applied properly.

The polyester resin should be first mixed with the hardener. If the hole or crack is small, it can be applied directly to the damaged area. For larger holes, the fiberglass cloth is placed over the damaged area, and then the resin mixture is spread over it. The person repairing should then allow the repair mixture to set, which will usually take approximately three hours. After this sandpaper should be used to finish the surface, so that the surface of the repaired area is smooth. A finishing polish may also be applied to the bathtub so that the repairs are not easily visible.

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