Does A Bathtub Resurfacing Project Last A Long Time

If your objective this year is to improve the look of your bathroom, you may wonder what you can do on a tight budget. You may not be able to replace the tub that is there. If you have thought about resurfacing as a possible alternative, there are some concerns that you need to take note of. Some of those concerns will include, “how long will this bathtub refurbishing in Phoenix last?”

There is a short answer to this question, but it really depends on how you care for the tub and what process you will use. In this post, we are going to look at two of the more popular bathtub resurfacing strategies that you can use and determine how long they will last. This will conclude with a couple tips on how to maintain the resurfacing once it is completed.


When you do a resurfacing of any type, it involves putting a primer layer on a material and then subsequently painting on top of it. The quality of this resurfacing project will depend upon the skill that the paint your house. That’s why you shouldn’t try to do this on your own unless you have done airbrushing in the past.

Resurfacing is going to be a little bit less expensive because there is simply less involved when doing these projects. Once the paint is applied, preferably in multiple layers, the base will be completed. This is a fantastic technique that almost anyone can do, but if it is performed correctly, it will last at least five years, especially when done by a professional.

The downside of resurfacing a bathtub is that it will leave flaws that will be visible on the surface, and these may be very obvious. You must treat what you do on the surface with great care so as to avoid chipping the external material.


Another method that you can use which is much more expensive is called recasting, but these results can last up to 25 years. What you will be doing is removing the gloss that is on the surface of the tub and then reapplying a type of an animal. The main advantage is that this is going to be chip resistant.  The downside is that, at some point in time, this will fade away.

Extending The Lifespan Of Your Resurfacing Project

If you want to work with a contractor, you can do this as many of them can accomplish this for you. Under normal circumstances, it is important to wait at least a day prior to getting the surface wet.

It is a good idea to speak with a contractor about the different surface materials that they would use. Generally, they will use the following tips:

  • Avoid using suction cups on the new surface
  • don’t use cleaner that is abrasive or let it sit for too long
  • rinse properly once it is cleaned
  • always wipe the tub down once the water has drained in order to prevent stains
  • always wipe the area using a cloth or soft sponge
  • utilize gentle liquid cleaning agents
  • try to avoid cleaners like acids, bleach, and other abrasive cleaners

By following these tips, your bathtub is going to be in a phenomenal condition for several years into the future.

When Will You Know It Is Time To Reapply The Topcoat?

If you do your best to maintain this surface carefully, you may not have to redo this for over two decades. These signs are obvious indications that resurfacing the tub will be a good idea:

How fast your tub will drain can directly affect its overall longevity. If it decides to stand for extended periods of time, the coating itself can be degraded
You need to see where it is beginning to wear down from the ledge of the tub. You should always store your toiletries off of the ledge, preferably in some type of a caddy. By avoiding this, such as not placing shampoo or chemically based products in these locations, you can avoid degradation.
You will see signs of wear and tear at the drainage area. This is a clear sign that something has been breached. If there is a way for water to get in between the seal and the tub, the coating that you are using will ultimately fail. You should be very careful when replacing your drain, or other fixtures, if you find this to be an issue.

Final notes

A resurfacing project will end up lasting several years if you do this properly. There are many reputable companies that you can contact. You simply need to follow these tips to save money and also get the best external coating that will allow your tub to last a long time.

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