Four Issues to Watch For in Your Bathtub

Kitchens are one of the most frequently used spaces in any home. With that said, you shouldn’t underestimate the value of a functional bathroom. Toilets are essential, but bathtubs are another important fixture. Sadly, tubs can become damaged over time. That’s why bathtubs may need to be refinished at one point or another. These are […]

Tips To Streamline Spring Cleaning

Now that Spring has arrived, the urge to clean becomes overwhelming. The month of March is the best time to start clearing the cobwebs in anticipation of opening the house to warmer weather. Washing windows and cleaning upholstery and carpets introduces freshness and light into a home. However, cleaning chores shouldn’t drag on endlessly and […]

How To Beat Your Acrylic Bathtub Woes

Are you feeling down about your acrylic bathtub? Is it dingy and dull? Does your tub squeak while you are trying to take a peaceful bath and turn the experience into a complete nightmare? Try the following tips to have the best-looking bathtub around! Acrylic is an excellent material to use on your bathroom fixtures. […]

Weekend Home Improvement Projects

If you have a few extra days off on your hands that leave you indoors without much to do, why now occupy yourself and make your home a bit more comfortable. With these small improvements you’ll brighten up everyone’s life and they’ll even be more excited to do daily tasks. Kitchen Fixes If you didn’t […]

Get Past Winter Doldrums With The Right Home Improvement Ideas

When the holidays are over, MLK day is maybe the one holiday you get until it is spring. Nights are long right now, with short days in between leaving in lots of darkness. Naturally, you want to literally lighten up the weeks ahead by brightening your home a bit. Using the right home improvement ideas […]

Vintage Bathroom Fixtures

Do you want to install the Vintage Bathroom Fixtures in your home, but are bothered the way these look? Worry no more! The area where we live is loaded with many homes, beautifully designed with original vintage fixtures. But most of those look weird and old. Yes, no matter how powerful cleaning chemicals we use […]

Preparing Your Home for the Holiday Season

It’s not too long before the holiday season will kick off. Christmas decorations are already starting to appear in stores. You may have spotted flyers with gift suggestions. While parties and family gatherings are a major component of holiday celebrations, they can also be a source of stress, particularly if you live in a dated […]

5 Cost-Effective Updates For Your Bathroom

Many homeowners would love an updated and new bathroom. Most people’s idea of a dream bathroom includes bright porcelain and clean and shiny fixtures. Yet with the typical cost of a bathroom update in Phoenix averaging around $8,000, many people cannot afford this dream. But don’t despair, here is a list of effective and affordable […]

Getting Rid of Bathtub Stains the Green Way

The blooming spring is gone, and it is time for spring cleaning again; and if the rust stains or lime still persist in your bathtub or shower even after scrubbing, it means the porcelain and fiberglass have lost their protection because of deterioration of the glaze. You cannot keep your bathroom’s surface shiny and bright […]

Bathtubs Revived of Phoenix AZ Launches New Bath Tub Refinishing Service

Benefits Of Bathtub Refinishing In Phoenix AZ Getting your bathtub refinished is one of the best decisions a property owner can make. A lot of people assume it’s time to get the bathtub replaced when that doesn’t have to be the case at all. With the right team by your side, it’s possible to get […]

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