5 Cost-Effective Updates For Your Bathroom

Many homeowners would love an updated and new bathroom. Most people’s idea of a dream bathroom includes bright porcelain and clean and shiny fixtures. Yet with the typical cost of a bathroom update in Phoenix averaging around $8,000, many people cannot afford this dream. But don’t despair, here is a list of effective and affordable strategies that will change how your bathroom currently looks at an affordable cost.

#1 Paint Your Bathroom Walls

Painting is always the least expensive and quickest way to change how your bathroom looks. It is possible to paint your entire bathroom with less than a gallon of good quality paint. You can achieve a stunning looking bathroom for less than $100, with paint, tarp, roller covers, and a few brushes. If you need a few ideas, take a look at the gallery here on the Sherwin-Williams website, displaying fantastic ideas and techniques to transform your bathroom into a beautiful retreat.

#2 Refinish The Shower Surround And Tub

If your shower and tub is still functioning but looks a bit dingy regardless of how hard you have tried to keep things looking clean. Keep in mind that replacements can cost up to $3,500 which is among the largest expenses when it comes to updates for bathrooms. To keep costs down, hire a local and reliable company like Phoenix Bathtub Refinishing Pros to refinish your tub and shower. In this way, you can achieve a stunning result at a minimal cost.

#3 Refinish Your Countertops And Sink

If your countertops and sink are still functioning well, but the finish or the colors are outdated and old, we refinish these parts of the bathroom too. Bathtubs Revived of Phoenix provides unique and fantastic options for sinks and countertops. Some of these options include mimicking expensive granites or engineered quartz finishes. Check on some of the samples to the right. These finishes are highly durable and are backed by a great warranty.

#4 Install A New Vanity At An Affordable Cost

Do you enjoy shopping at flea markets or thrift stores? Or do you have a dresser from your grandmother in your attic collecting dust? It does take a few tools and a bit of skill, but it is possible to transform a free or inexpensive dresser into something that looks beautiful. Below are instructions you can use from DIY Network.

#5 Add Decorative Touches

A few inexpensive, unexpected, and quick decorative touches can transform your bathroom into the types that you see in a magazine. For example, if you have a standard builder-grade mirror, think about framing it. Check on this article from the Home Depot that gives you instructions on how to do this for under $50. You could also add a sconce onto one of your walls or battery-powered LED candles for a luxurious look at a fraction of the cost.

We hope these ideas have given you the inspiration that you need to change your outdated or dingy bathtub. With a little bit of money, time, and effort, you can change your bathroom into a room that you want to spend more time in.

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